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Title: Canadian made WIND FLAGS FOR SALE
Post by: Mr. Jeffery on February 08, 2018, 11:17:00 AM
Hi Everyone,

Canadian made windflags for sale!
Many sizes, styles/options are available.
Adjustable from approx 14 inches and as high as 12 feet . or *more.....

Propellers. black /white Balls.Pinwheels, and numerous specialty vanes for more precise wind direction readings are available.

   Diamonds.  circles, arrows,  squares, your initials?!  Just name it. Standard  offering is a swept  back & up, or down facing rectangular vane -with  attached streamer (N1 below  4x8inches).   Any shape you desire is possible however. Don't see  what you need?   Its not a problem custom orders are optional and  available.

These  systems are manufactured using CNC and manual processes. They are  clean, versatile, durable, weather resistant , and extremely sensitive. They  can be changed from  one  shooting discipline to the next quickly and easily. Air gun, br rim  fire  . high power..  name it.

  It  is a sectional design and can be adjusted  simply by adding or removing  a section. The kits comes standard with three 12" sections. The top has a built in extension which allows it to reach a length just short of 24 inches. This allows the entire assembly to reach from approx 14 inches above ground to 48 inches simply by adding or removing sections. This covers 'most' applications and in fact is infinitely adjustable. Maximum height is upwards of 8 feet. *12 feet or greater is possible with the addition of *guy lines. A kit is available for this should you require such heights. . They assemble quickly and are  easily transported, set up  & dismantled. The kit comes with a 5 inch ground spike that is capable of penetrating into hard pack gravel. They are also easily adapted to tripod stands if need be.

Made from very high quality materials,  This flag system is guaranteed to  remain standing in a 50kmh wind. I am  sure that you will find them to be  every bit as capable and functional  as the  competition and maybe even more!    

As a fellow shooter, I  know  that these flags will make the competition raise a brow...Great care and consideration went into their design.
These flags come with the "like no other guarantee" guarantee.. If you have ANY issue, We have your back.

Videos and images can be found here:

If you would like more information, please PM me  or email me at jefferywindflags at gmail dot com   Thanks!  



I now have a Biathlon flag availble. If you know folks that are into this discipline send them my way!  

Post by: Mr. Jeffery on February 28, 2018, 02:45:16 PM
to the top thanks for looking!