Author Topic: How to get Score up and active throughout Canada  (Read 1486 times)

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How to get Score up and active throughout Canada
« on: April 16, 2011, 09:09:34 AM »
I have in the last little while had some e-mails about why BRSC does not have any VFS.  There was also mention about a Factory and a Factory Modified class that could be part of this.

Am I the person who can answer all of these questions?   Unfortunately not.  I am a group shooter and understand that aspect of shooting.  When it comes to score if it were just Hunter, Hunter Varmint, or VFS it would be no issue.  Where the challenge lies is there are numerous clubs around the country who hold score shoots.  Many of these shoots are VERY successful with good attendance, 20-25 shooters per match.  They kick the group shoot attendances in the butt.  The problem is, these clubs all have their own rules and classes to fit the local shooter in.  From what I see all the clubs are different.

There is Campbell River, Lethbridge, Kenora, Southern Ontario, Quebec, and I cannot remember the name of the club on the east coast that hold score shoots.  Volker, please chime in.  Lethbridge holds their shoot as a weekly league shoot.  It would be pretty tough to turn that into something that BRSC could sanction.

The kicker is are the clubs that hold these score shoots wanting to step up to the plate to make the next step?  Are the shooters up to the challenge?  There comes a time where one does or does not make the next jump.

Rules, firing procedure, weight restrictions, scoring, bottom line is that CONSISTENCY amongst clubs has to be in place to make it work.  Southern Ontario uses the 11 point system which I love the idea and concept.  Are clubs willing to change to this format?

There are records for score currently in place which can be contested but the above mentioned items must be met.

Those that are interested please chime in.  Share how your clubs manage these score shoots.  Is someone willing to step up to the plate to talk with the numerous clubs and see if we can get these clubs involved?  Get more participation out there.  It is more than just competing. I look at it in a way that maybe BRSC could one day be recognized on the world front.

Letís have at this one.  If people are serious about this, the conversation should be interesting.  If not well we will have our answer in short order.  It is one thing to want but the key is to actually step up to the plate and have it happen.    

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