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Title: Sako 6PPC Cases
Post by: RayS on August 26, 2012, 12:17:36 PM
Went to a gunshow on Saturday and one of the tables had 150 new unfired Sako 6PPC USA brass for sale.  The price was good (compared to other stuff) so I bought the 150 of them.  Is this brass any good for target shooting or did I just waste my money? ???
Title: Re: Sako 6PPC Cases
Post by: RayS on September 23, 2012, 10:57:10 AM
Just a follow up on using the Sako 6PPC brass and the Norma 6PPC brass.  Have been shooting both for about two weeks now and found the Sako to have a heavier wall thickness and required more turning to get the neck down to size.  It also required more pressure to full length resize and still required more force on the bolt to close the action.  The new Norma brass, on the other hand, seemed a lot nicer brass right from the package.  The necks turned easily and the fed very smoothly in the gun.  Resizing required minimal pressure.  As I didn't want to use my brand new gun to fire form cases (it's a newbie thing) I decided to try factory cases and am happy with the Norma.  It's to soon to tell about the life of the cases but so far I'm happy with them and have sold my Sako brass.  Thought I would give this brief report in case any of you are thinking of trying the Norma brass.