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The HV-200 has been completed, it was a very cool day with many shooter finding our supposedly summer weather not to their liking. At least it did not rain to dampen the event.
Things ran smoothly throughout the day, with only a couple of hick-up.
We did see some pretty good shooting with medium intensity and twitchy winds all day, as a shooter you had to pay attention to the flags or get blown out of the group.
Again without belabouring the subject, Walt Berger shot well and is really helping his team in their standings.
The Canadians contingent is coming on strong, looking to medal on our home turf, keep going gang we are rooting for you.

Day 2 HV-100 is completed and the shooters had a real taste of the conditions that Rosebud can throw at you.
Temperatures were down and most needed jackets, the winds were pretty strong throughout the day with the usual switches.
When I talked with Jari Laulumaa before the match started, he said I like the windy conditions just like home, he proceeded to go out and win the day, I believe he had the only teen agg. of the day, well done Jari.
We continue to marvel at Walt Berger, he finished the day with a nice .122” group on the 5th match.
In conversation with a few shooters holding off 2-3 rings were required on some groups, not for the faint of heart for sure.
Everything seem to run smoothly as Match Director Nancy Scarborough had things well in hand.
There was a lot of assistance in moving the target frames and backer to 200 yards, flags have been set, so as the saying goes, 100 for show and 200 for dough.
Conditions are not forecasted to be any better tomorrow so the worlds best will have their hands full with the added yardage.
We continue to see some spectators coming out, Greg Mowatt, Dave Fisher, Henry Remple, Trevor Phaff and many more spent some time at the event.
Follow the standing on other streams.

Sorry for the delay lost my post due to poor connection.
The first day was an interesting day, the wind was light and twitchy making for some tough shooting conditions.
Open ceremony got the day started, should be picture out there by now. Commence fire started before 10:00, and the LV100 warm-up match got the shooting started, there was the first 1st screamer shoot in it.
The conditions had several screamers shot and groups over one inch.
We had a several Canadians place well on the first day, hope to see all of them get things going.
Larry Ottman joined Bob, Graeme, Vic and Tyler on the firing holding down the Range Officer duties.
Darrell Skinner has be assisting with the security and transportation duties.
With any match the target crew plays an important part in the success of the event, with 4 relays and bench rotations being part of the match they had to be on their toes, good job by them today.
The target measuring crew was Keith S., Paul Ross and Mark DuMont, only 4 more day to go boys.
Due to unforeseen issues Tony Boyer had to withdraw from the match, Captain Walt Berger stepped in and did extremely well, I believe he was in third place after the third target.
Jeff Graves from the US was the day one winner and who said LT-32 can work.

The last day of practice has concluded in spite of some wet conditions early and late in the day. It was the official gun weigh in day with Scott Stevens and Mark DuMont handling the chores, well done guys.
Target frames and backers are up, flags have been set, so the race begins tomorrow. Opening ceremonies will start at 9:00 am and shooting start by 10:00 am.
The meet and greet happened tonight as part of the social participation of shooters and spouses at the west end Sheridan Hotel (several teams staying there) and it was a good time.
One of the questions MC Bob Richards ask was a show of hands based on age groups, and surprising the 20 year old group had a number of participants. Great to see in a sport known as a gentlemen (older) sport.😉
Walt Berger was asked to say a few works at the event, and as always some sage word were spoken.
The spouses are off to Banff tomorrow on their events schedule, they should have a good time there.
I was able to tour Steve Minckler from Vancouver Island around the facility after the afternoon downpour, it was his first visit to the Rosebud range, hopefully he can make it back to shoot with us.
As has happened each day, the volunteers from the club have been on site assisting in the kitchen, garbage removal and security. Lloyd Gilmore has been on site with Tony Gauthier to handle the night time security, for the last week, it’s a thankless job but thanks for handling it.
Looking forward to tomorrow’s start, good shooting to all.
Remember to check the web site for pictures of the proceedings.

Today’s practice seen a lot of shooters testing the 200 yard range, I heard several shooter comment on the fact that what worked on Sunday was not working today. Temperatures were down a bit, and there was a rain shower at about 4:00.
It appears that everything is ready for the competition, from the club perspective.
Graeme M. Has been the Range Officer for the last couple of days, and the line has been managed without incident, good job Graeme.
We have had a good lunch served the last two days, so no one is starving.
Free coffee and water provided by HW Precision, thanks Hugh.
I seen Walt Berger out with his spotting scope all day keeping his eye on the US team members.
The WBC delegates meeting is being held tonight, be interesting to see if anything new is added to the organization.
With the 2021 WBC being held in South Africa, the delegates will choose where the 2023 will be held.
Stampede breakfast tomorrow morning, so another event to get the shooter together.
I noticed that this event has pulled in a good number of younger shooter from Several countries which is great to see, along with many of the repeat competitors from the regularly attending countries.
This great for me as I get to catch up with so many of the folks I have met over the years, and build some new friendships with many I have not met previously.
Everyone is managing through the many language bearers presented with this diverse group of nationalities.
Last day of practice tomorrow for the competitors, and the spouses have started there busy events schedule, thanks to efforts of Carolyn Pollock.

Another practice day has been completed, with only 3 more registered shooters to arrive yet.
Most of the early arriving shooters have gotten things working and with 2 more practice days everyone should have time to get themselves sorted out.
Bit cooler today, with some rain early and late in the day.
Team Canada had their team meeting this afternoon and are ready to compete for the medal positions.
Tony and the team have the range looking great and the club is getting great review from the competitors on the range facility.
US team Captain Walt Berger arrived today, and looks great for a man of his age, he was kept busy this morning shaking hand with all the folks that he has friended over the years. A lot of credit must bestowed on Walt as he was the mind behind getting the WBC started. Here we are having the 15 such event at the Rosebud Range.

A pretty decent day for the shooter, with the wind being reduced, temperatures in the mid 20’s.
Wayne Miller arrive for team Canada, Tony Boyer, Bob Scarborough, Mike Conry, Garry Bristoe unloaded there gear this morning.
There were shooters from Australia, New Zealand, Austria, and New Caledonia getting there gear ready today also.
Tony, Vic, Tyler and Lloyd, assisted in getting them in their new surroundings and running the line.
Should see a bunch more shooters arriving tomorrow.

The shooters are showing up, Dave, Lloyd and Andy were practicing today for team Canada.
There were 4 from the US practicing also.
The usual tricky winds were in play most of the day.

Centerfire Discussions / Re: Tuners?
« on: June 21, 2019, 08:09:08 PM »
There several folks using a tuner some use it as a damper some as an adjustable tuner.
I have been using a Polar Precision Tuner over the last couple of years. This a dampener and a good barrel is needed to see what advantages they give.
So far i have not seen the true advantages, but the current barrel is showing a bigger then normal tune window so time will tell.

Congratulations Hugh on a tough win, and to the other competitors at the event.
Looks like conditions played a big part in the ages.

Congratulations Rick on a hard fought win.
Tough weather conditions and the competition was not making it easy. everyone did good hanging in on Saturdays miserable conditions.
Great to see the boys from the US again this year. Hopefully they can encourage a few more to come up.
Let’s hope for more favourable weather next match.

 Congratulations Mark on your win.
Good to see the turn out, getting a steady group of shooter at your matches.

Actually it won’t be new barrel to Break in.

Plan to be there to practice Friday and will be camping.

Club Events / Re: Benchrest Group Shoot Selkirk,MB May 11-12
« on: May 13, 2019, 07:50:39 AM »
Thanks for the updates Cal.
Looks like there was no run away winner over the weekend.

Centerfire Discussions / Re: Announcement from Graham Wind Flags
« on: March 21, 2019, 06:51:01 PM »
Sorry to see you stepping away from one of your passions.
All the best.

Plenty O Patches / Shooting Accessories
« on: March 13, 2019, 08:37:39 PM »
Qty      $$ ea
3   Farley Mfg. - FM-RH3 BR Front Rest - with front bag   $1,610.70
1   Farley Mfg. - FM-RH3-CII F-Class Front Rest - large wheel   $1,710.75
1   Farley Mfg. - FM-SKB - SKB Rest Travel/Storage box - luggage wheels & handle   $454.00
4   Farley Mfg. tension plungers (2) - SS or Black   $97.95
2   Jewell BR Trigger   $295.00
1   Jewell HVR Trigger - with right safety   $395.00
   Harrell's - HP Arbor Press   $160.00
   Harrell's - HP Combo Press   $425.00
   Harrell's - HP Compact Press   $292.00
   Harrell's - HP-30ST - 30mm single screw tall scope rings - silver   $80.00
   Harrell's - HP-30DT - 30mm double screw tall scope rings - silver   $130.00
   Harrell's - HP-30CT - 30mm single/double screw tall scope rings - silver   $105.00
   Harrell's - HP-1ST - 1" single screw tall scope rings - silver   $89.00
   Harrell's - HP-1DT - 1" double screw tall scope rings- silver   $130.00
   Harrell's - HP-B-#8 Scope bases - 8/40 screws - silver   $35.00
   Harrell's - HP-B-#6 Scope bases - 6/48 screws - silver   $35.00
   Harrell's - HP-Rem Bases - 3/8" Alumimum Dove Tail Bases   $34.50
   Harrell's - BPR BR Premium Powder Measure - 8 oz. bottle   $340.00
   Harrell's - HP-CCM - Precision Classic Culver Powder Measure - 6-120 grs.   $443.25
   Harrell's - HP-PM - Powder Measure Stand - 10.5" OAL - adjustable heights   $89.00
1   Benchrite Powder Funnels - 10" drop tube - 6 PPC   $45.00
3   Benchrite Railgun Slide Pin Kit -    $23.95
5   Benchrite Bolt Lube Bottles    $9.95
2   Benchrite 3 Rod Holder - Dewey rods   $200.00
3   BG-70016-2  3 Rod Bag  - black   $29.50
1   Benchrite 2 Rod Holder - Dewey rods   $139.75
1   Benchrite Case adapter -SM - of other rods to fit Rod Holder   $11.45
1   Benchrite Case adapter -LG - of other rods to fit Rod Holder   $11.45
4   Benchrite UHMV Clear Stock Tape - 2 stocks    $12.95
   Frankford Arsenal PPC/Grendel Hinge Top Ammo Box - black   $3.99
2   Frankford Arsenal Reloading Trays #4 - PPC - 50 holes - blue   $7.50
3   Brownells/Sinclair GenII Flashhole Tool w/handle - large primer hole   $37.50
1   Brownells Delrin Scope Ring Reducer -30mm to 1"   $28.00
1   Brownells Remington Long Trigger Guard Screw Kits - 2 pcs   $13.95
2   Brownells Remington SA Picatinney 1 pcs Scope Bases - 0 MOA   $85.00
1   Brownells Remington SA Picatinney 1 pcs Scope Bases - 20 MOA   $95.00
1   Brownellls Remington LA Picatinney 1 pcs Scope Base - 20 MOA   $95.00
2   Brownells/Sinclair PPC Primer Pocket Uniformer   $56.00
1   Brownells/Sinclair Uniformer Power Screwdriver Adapter   $25.00
2   EGW Remington LA Picatinney 1 pcs Scope Bases - 0 MOA   $85.00
5   Remington 1 pcs Scope Rings - 1" - Black- Med. Height   $50.00
1   Sinclairs Remington Firing Pin Removal Tool - twist knob style   $42.50
4   Kleinendorst Remington Firing Pin Removal Tool - lever style   $64.95
2   Kelbly's Scope Bases #1 - for 1.36" round actions - .840" hole spacing - Satin   $65.00
6   Possum Hollow Bore Guides - PH-166 BAT 2 lug - with rod guide   $25.95
6   Possum Hollow Bore Guides - PH-3L BAT 3 lug - with rod guide   $28.95
6   Possum Hollow Bore Guides - PH-3BR - .700" bolt dia. - with rod guide   $25.95
6   Possum Hollow Rod Guide - PH-RG   $13.50
2   PTG Bullet Comparitor Nut - .22-.24-.25-.26-.28-.30 cal.   $35.00
4   PTG Bullet Comparitor Nut - .17-.20-.22-.27-.30-.33 cal.   $35.00
2   PTG Reminton Ejectors   $20.00
   PTG Reminton Extractors .223 - .308 - magnum sizes   $18.00
4   PTG Bolt Knobs - black - 5/16 x 24tpi   $14.00
2   PTG Bolt Knobs - silver - 5/16 x 24tpi   $14.00
1   PTG Remington Recoil Lugs .250" thick CM   $45.00
5   PTG Remington Recoil Lugs .250" thick SS   $45.00
1   Score High Benchrest Follower - Med action length   $19.50
1   Score High Benchrest Follower - Long action length   $19.50
6   Skip Otto Seater Die Shim Kit - .22-6mm    $26.95
3   Skip Otto Die Shim Kit -(7/8 - 14)   $24.95
1   Graham Wind Flag set - 8 flat top large style flags - in tool box - ball style   $895.00
1   Dittman Wind Flag Stands - stake in sliding tube style - 84" max. height   $95.75
   Chromite-10 - heavy sand 10 lbs   $18.00
   BBS-1 - Butches Bore Shine - 3.75 oz   $15.50
   BBS-2 - Butches Bore Shine - 8 oz   $22.50
   BBS-3 - Butches Bore Shine - 16 oz   $39.95
   BGO - Butches Gun Oil - 4 oz   $11.95
   Lyman Bore Cam - Digital Bore Scope w/monitor   $399.95
   Chromite-15 - heavy sand 15 lbs   $26.00
   BS60-PPC - Wilson Inline Bullet Seater - 6PPC   $95.00
   S6M-PPC - Wilson Inline SS Bullet Seater w/micrometer top - 6PPC   $154.95
   SND-PPC - Wilson F/L Bushing Style Sizing Die - 6PPC   $95.95
   CTS-RKITU - Wilson Case Trimmer - w/stand, stop & clamp   $185.50
   CT-SSKIT - Wilson Case Trimmer - w/micrometer, stand & clamp   $249.95
   CH-PPC - Case Holder (fired) PPC   $17.75
   CH-223 - Case Holder (standard)    $17.75
   CH-308 - Case Holder (fired)   $17.75    

Centerfire Discussions / Re: Custom BR Action
« on: February 04, 2019, 08:01:12 AM »
Check with Brent at Neerlandia Co-op as call, he is handling Borden Actions.

Centerfire Discussions / Re: Purchase of barrel blank
« on: February 02, 2019, 12:20:30 PM »
There is a very good barrel maker, HW Precision (site sponsor) I do not believe they do CM at this time.
Out of interest what is the your need for for CM.

BR Equipment + Components / Re: wtb 22br dies
« on: January 09, 2019, 08:30:28 AM »
If you would like new Redding dies we can assist with your request.

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