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Rifles / Re: Mini Witchita 3 lug 6 ppc
« Last post by dells on Today at 08:19:41 AM »
One more time ....  OBO
Optics / 60x fixed and frozen silver leupold scope
« Last post by delta1 on October 01, 2023, 11:09:33 AM »
My old eyes need more light. I don't know what to put on this for a price so. I have a 60x fixed power frozen silver Leupold scope.
I am looking for a fixed power in 36x up to 45x. Depending on what you have some funds my way.
Congrats to everyone who took on this challenge and put in so much time and energy. Thanks for stepping up and representing Canada!

Some great finishes, and hopefully it was a good experience for you. I know I sure enjoyed following along!
Congratulations to Rob with his  1st place in HV100 and 2nd - HV AGG!
Mark also had several great finishes in the top 5 and 10.
And Team A with their 2nd in LV200!

(If I missed something here I apologize, it's a lot to keep track of.)

BR Equipment + Components / CCI 450 small rifle magnum primers for sale - Edmonton
« Last post by bpunger on September 30, 2023, 03:34:50 PM »
CCI 450 small rifle magnum primers for sale.

At least 5 bricks of 1,000 primers available at $150 per 1,000. NOT old stock - most purchased in 2021 -2022 when it looked like the world was ending for primers.

Local pickup in Edmonton area. Rarely get down to Calgary or in between and could meet to deliver.

A LOT of other components - brass, projectiles, some powder, etc not listed that could also be worked into a deal. Let me know if looking for anything specific.

Thanks for your interest.

Rifles / Re: A SPECIAL RUGER no.1 in .270 = NEW PRICE
« Last post by .30br on September 29, 2023, 09:09:56 AM »


PRICE = $2500.00 + CHYPPING
Rifles / Re: for sale = 6ppc SAKO = NEW PRICE
« Last post by .30br on September 29, 2023, 07:14:19 AM »
Hi there!  I am interested in your Sako 6 ppc. I have some questions.

What is the power on the Scope?

Do you have bullets to go with the brass?

Could you send me some close up pictures of the gun, action, barrel, and scope? It would be better if the was laying on a clear background instead of the pics in front of your busy work station, it would help me to make a decision that I could be comfortable with!

I am assuming that the for stock is 3" wide to fit in my front rest?

I maybe should have asked is the gun, and package still available?

If so, your package has been for sale for a long time, and I am guessing that is because your is over priced or you don't have a good reputation?

What is your very best price?

Can your gun smith get that trigger even lighter? I have several Sako and Tikka rifles that i would like to have the triggers lightened up.

Could you please give me his Number?

Happy Easter,   Cheers,     David
hy y living the range y am 83 years hold
and y am sorry ou thind't like my busy work sation
and y am sorry you thing y have a bad r?putation
take time to make a price on hall the parts include in the pakage  and you realise the price is very good

the scope is a 42X  the front stok is 2 7/8 '' wide  yes y have bullet  for this rifle
and y dint'T sel to you this  fine  rifle
HV 200 and HV Grand Agg

Actually entire HV summary and the current team standings.

Congrats Rob on a second place finish in the HV Grand agg.  And the teams.  Good showing.
Great finish today guys! Moving up in the teams as well, keep it up!
Team Canada at the opening ceremonies.

Back row Left to Right: Mark DuMont, Tory Phinn, Dean Weger, Graeme Meyer, Hugh Williamson, Rob Seemann, Tyler Edmunds, Vic Edmunds, Bob Richards
Front row left to right: Allan Mantler, Doug Thompson, Rick Pollock
HV 100 results.

Way to go Doc on the win.  Not to shabby Mark as well.  Way to go guys.
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