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Optics / Re: Leupold 45X Competition
« Last post by LENNY42 on Today at 11:09:49 AM »
I want scope contact me {Lenny McKenzie}for payment and delivery. ALVINSTON ON. CANADA n0n1a0         
                                                   THANK YOU
Optics / Leupold 45X Competition
« Last post by gyeomans on October 15, 2019, 11:51:26 AM »
Like new Leupold 45X Competition, crosshair & dot, c/w Kelbly standard height 2 screw black anodized rings.  $1550 shipped and insured.   pm for pics
BR Equipment + Components / Re: WTB 30BR FL die
« Last post by DanO on October 14, 2019, 04:35:41 PM »
Are you looking for new or used die?
BR Equipment + Components / WTB 30BR FL die
« Last post by danyboy on October 11, 2019, 06:47:10 AM »
Looking for 30BR FL die
BR Equipment + Components / 6mm Grendel barrel - Krieger, BAT B action
« Last post by borderghost on October 10, 2019, 02:15:05 PM »
Have a Krieger ss  barrel chambered in 6 mm Grendel , Threaded for BAT B action, has about 200 rds fired , .266 nk , 20 3/4" long , 8 flutes , weighs 4.6 lbs  , 35 formed brass , muzzle is .930 , this barrel came with a package deal , i am not needing one more caliber to load for , This barrel was owned and chambered by a well known gunsmith in Kitchener area , that i can give you his name to verify rds fired.
400.00$ plus shipping,  can text pictures if needed .
613 391 4811
BR Equipment + Components / wtb 22cal barrel used
« Last post by KRP BR6 on October 10, 2019, 07:32:47 AM »
anyone have a slightly used 22 cal barrel they want to part with
Rifles / Re: Wts stolle panda left bolt right port 6ppc in Larson cedar canon stock
« Last post by .30br on September 30, 2019, 01:28:04 PM »
Stolle panda left bolt right port
Tony Larson cedar carbon stock
Multi match winning gun
No trigger or scope

IS YOUR STOLE PENDA IS AVALABLE one ov my friends as loking for to buy one
Club Events / Mission 22 Rimfire Benchrest - September 28, 2019
« Last post by mdumont on September 30, 2019, 09:21:14 AM »
A thin turnout of 9 shooters participated as the weather started to turn cold.  Ray organized the match, took our money and called the line.  Also thanks to Mel and Derek for scoring.

Conditions were outrageous, and the scored reflected that, with autumn leaves swirling across the range.  Little change in the yearly leaderboard as most everyone turned in their worst performance of the year.  Congrats to Mel on the win - He showed us that the wind can be your friend.  One other notable performance was Dominic, who almost equalled his best performance to date shooting on the second relay without any wind flags!  (Better not tell him that flags can help...) 

Next match is October 26 - Last chance for fame and glory, at least for this year.   

Here are the results, sorted by class and rank.  Additions and changes to the equipment gratefully accepted. 

...and here are the ongoing numbers for the year-end title.  You have to shoot at least 5 matches to get a reasonable average...

I believe the spreadsheet is correctly calculating the top 5 - Please bring any errors to my attention!

BR Equipment + Components / Re: Farley F-Class Feet..............SOLD
« Last post by dells on September 30, 2019, 07:41:42 AM »
Rifles / .22lr C,I,L ANSCHUTZ single chot
« Last post by .30br on September 28, 2019, 01:13:13 PM »
y have a .22LR  single shot  C.I.L. 190 ANSCHUTZ  whit a new  SHILLEN stanles barell chambrée match
the barrel as 25'' long and at the end .832 ''

y have 2 .22lr 54 ANSCHUTZ  y have no time to use  this  little C.I.L 
price $850.00 + shipping
send for photo to p.s@axion,ca
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