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Reticle Changes.. new streamlined procedure
« on: January 12, 2021, 06:51:18 PM »
                  Yes the reticle can be changed in your present scope to another reticle that is a standard option for that model of scope.

In the past customers needed to deal with a March Scope Distributor to get Warranty work done, to have their reticle changed or repair work done. Now you can illuminate the middle man and any confusion that might come with it. Deon/ Japan has set up a system that allows you to be able to pay them directly for changes that you want made to your scope. You can email directly to Deon Optical Design Corporation to discuss any issues you are having with your March Scope, and to get a quote for reticle changes and any repairs that you may need due to some unfortunate damage to the scope.
Please first read all the information at this link:
 Then contact March Scopes Japan by email to get a quote on the current price which is typically quoted in US dollars:

Customers can directly contact March Scopes Japan/ Deon Optical Design to arrange for all Warranty work, Reticle changes and repairs.

They will happily assist you and be able to better answer all your questions in regards to the best way to ship and what the cost will be for non warranty alterations or repairs.

  Please contact them by email at:

March Scopes Japan Website:

A Reticle can be changed only to another one that is within its group.

These are the groups:

①  CH, Dot, Di-plex

②   MTR-1, MTR-2, MTR-3, MTR-4, MTR-5, MTR-FT, MML, MTR-D2, MTR-D3

③  FD-1, FD-D2

Other information that you should know before contacting Deon is available at this link:
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