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Erik Cortina and Jack Neary Videos


Good videos with Erik Cortina and Jack Neary.

great videos and explanations rick.
this one popped up as well, thought it done a good job of simplifying the seating conundrum most of the shooters i know go through.
the looks i get when guys ask me how far off the lands i am and tell them 'hell if i know' is always priceless.

I think there are non believers of cleaning that need to watch this.....

The Iosso thing is exactly what Jack and Eric say it is.  I Iosso after every agg when I shoot group with the PPC.  Score with the 30BR, I still clean but maybe after 2 or 3 targets.  You see carbon buildup in it.  Not sure how guys feel they can shoot an entire agg without.  The Iosso wipes the last bit of copper and carbon out.

Any and all of the info pertains to all levels of shooting.

i think the biggest problem is that most people, including myself, have never had the equipment or ability to actually see the benefits of the every target cleaning program. 

Part 3 is up...


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