Author Topic: Shade Tree Coax top modification  (Read 6639 times)

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Shade Tree Coax top modification
« on: February 20, 2010, 05:39:37 PM »
Many of you will know I have a Shadetree rest top.  If you remember I bent the handle on mine so it would be closer to the table.  I also put a nice BIG shifter knob on the end of the stick.  The drawback was that the stick would swing  freely in the breeze.  Something you fellas in the 50's would be all to familiar with.......  ;D ;D A pain in the butt when trying to negotiate the target.  There was also some slop.  Well I will tell you fellas this, I found some Viagra and Cialis to keep it rigid and put......  ;D ;D  

All it required was a slight grinding down of the handle where the screw goes into handle to hold it in place.  I ground it down just enough to be below the front edge of the bearing.  I degreased the screw and threads, mixed some 5 min epoxy, put a dab on the threads of the screw and tightened it down.  I now have a joystick that when I rotate it it stays put and does not flop around.  The screw bottoms out against the inner part of the front bearing and is held in place by the friction of the bearing just like a SEB rest.

Now I have a rest I am happy with......  Why did I buy a SEB anyways?????????

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Re: Shade Tree Coax top modification
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2023, 07:10:22 PM »
Excuse the 13 year delay but I just bought a Shadetree rest top and wish I had read your topic before. After reception, I installed it on my Sinclair base 3/4" shaft) which, I was told byShadetree would fit and it did. On,y problem; the top of the top wobbles and when trying to move the joystick up or down, the sides didn't move together, one side moved faster than the other.
 I contacted the company and the told me to screw off the tension screws, remove the top and reinstall it on its Shadetree restop base. I did, nothing changed. I decided to screw the tension screws evenly till I felt about the same resistance and it worked BUT joystick was stiffer to move.
 I have never bought something that didn't work and that the company tells you to disassemble part of it and reassemble it to make it work. On top of it, joystick is right under the rifle forend and parallel to it ! I am considering bending it so my left hand doesn't have to be right under the forend.
 With the exchange and shipping it came up to over $600 CAD. Not impressed.


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