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for sale = 6ppc SAKO = NEW PRICE
« on: October 09, 2022, 07:56:14 AM »
NEW PRICE =$ 3300.00 + CHPPING
AM living the range =
For sale SAkO 6ppc  action L461  right bolt right port  whith SAKO triggeur  set at 8 oz. by my gunsmith
on a first generation MACMILLAN benchrest stock and pilard bedding
With a new barrel HWP made by HUGH WILLIAMSON presision bore .237 twist 1-13.5  .262 neck
thy have onley 100 shot in the barrel for fire forming brass  include 100 LAPUA brass ready to go  in MTM case gard
Include dies =FOSTEUR bouching bump dies and a set of WILSON neck sizing and micro setting dies
Include scope SIGHTRON S111 SS ed glass  30mm tube fine cross hair and dot = setting .1 M.O,A
with the box and paper for the scope  + costum base and ring VISIONKING
Include anti cant device HOLLAND signature  and a BOYT HARDNESS h serie for storage
Price =$3500.00 +  cost for chipping
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