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2023 Cactus Classic - Killer Bee Results


Stinger Ballistics is pleased to report that Rick Pollock had an excellent showing in Phoenix, AZ at the 2023 Cactus Classic.

Shooting the 6mm 64g FB Killer Bee Rick placed; 

-First Place in Light Varmint 200 Yards
-Fourth Place in the Light Varmint Grand Aggregate
-Fourth Place in the 2-Gun Championship

Quoting Rick
"Attached is the last target I shot in the Cactus Classic. I shot this using the 6mm 64g Flat Base Killer Bees.
With this target I moved from 3rd place after 4 targets, to 1st Place, to win the LV 200 yard aggregate.
It was quite a windy day and the bullets really hung together in the wind. Keep them coming."

See attached pictures for results and a picture of the 0.334" group shot at 200 yards.

Congratulations Rick on a great result!



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