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2023 King of the Hill

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The dates for the 2023 King of the Hill competition at Rosebud have been set for the final weekend in August.

Competition day is Sunday, August 27th.
As before, Saturday will be a practice day for all competitors to get their zeros for the multiple yardages on competition day.

This is a single rifle event for the entire competition.

Competition day is a cold bore event. Competitors need to be zeroed prior to the event.

Important changes in the course of fire;
The 300 yard group event has been eliminated.
In its place there will be timed/multiple yardage event on the silhouette range.

Preliminary course of fire looks as follows:
Event 1 - 300 yard score shoot
Event 2 - timed event with multiple yardages on silhouette range
Event 3 - 500 metre gong event

As well, thanks to a generous offer by one of the prize table sponsors, prize money will be greater this year.

Stay tuned to this space for signup instructions and finalized course of fire and rules.

Good luck to all competitors!
Wally Pollock


The third annual King of the Hill registration is live!

The match is set for Sunday August 27th, 2023 and as before the practice day will be Saturday, August 26th.

There has been one event swapped out in the format this year. The 300 yard group shoot has been replaced by a timed event on the gong sets on the Silhouette side.

Now is the chance for all shooters with magazine fed rifles to really shine. 6 impacts for time will decide the winner of that event!

Deadline to register AND receive the KOTH merchandise is July 15th, 2023.

Please feel free to forward to any interested parties.

All details are in the attached documents.

See you in August!
Wally Pollock

The 2023 King of the Hill is complete and we are pleased to crown a new champion! Congratulations go out to Vic Edmunds! Top Rookie was Justin Ducharme who was also 4th overall. 14 shooters in total battled for $1600 in cash payouts. Thanks also to our sponsors who provided a generous prize table: Plenty O Patches, March Scopes Canada, Stinger Ballistics and Korth Canada. Results below:

Some photos from today's activities:

Kelly N.:
Looks like a good time, congrats to Vic on the win.


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