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Obermeyer Barrel BLANK - 308 cal - 12 Flutes - Heavy Contour - 1:13 Twist - Stainless Steel - 5R Rifling - 31 Inches

Yes, you read that correctly - an unchambered Obermeyer barrel blank that is available!! I know, you just soiled yourself with excitement. I get it.

Perhaps the best barrels ever made!!

Very sought after barrels, which at times had well over one year wait lists for delivery to Canada.

I have the original USA import documents from years ago, noting barrel specs, signed by Obermeyer himself.

Barrett "Boots" Obermeyer is named "the grandfather of barrels". He wrote the book on building barrels, and taught many of the current barrel builders, such as Rock Creek.

He is known worldwide as the creator of the 5R form of rifling. His 5R Barrels have 5 matching complete upper set grooves and the lands have angular sides resulting in less deformation of the bullet jacket and a better gas seal. Mr. Obermeyer sold his 5R process and tooling to Krieger Barrels.

He built the first firearm for the .220 Russian cartridge (the parent cartridge of the most accurate benchrest caliber ever made - the 6mm PPC)

Superbly crafted cut rifle barrels.

0.308 cal
Stainless steel
Cryogenic treatment
5R rifling (as created by Obermeyer!)
Total length 31 inches
12 Flutes
Flutes stop at 2 & 7/8 inch from muzzle end of barrel
1:13 Twist
Weight 6.88 lbs
Shank diameter 1.272 inches
Muzzle diameter 1.035 inches
AMU+ contour
As they come from the factory, not yet polished (you will want to select the finish texture to your liking)

Perfect twist rate for 168 - 175 gr match projectiles in a 308 Win, or a score shooting 30 BR, or perhaps a long, "fast" 300 Blackout.

Reduced to $395 local pickup in Edmonton[/b]. Any similar premium match barrel, fluted, cut rifled (Bartlein, Krieger, etc) would be at least $800-850 plus taxes and shipping. Adding 12 flutes alone would typically cost $250+

Willing to ship, but due to length and weight, plan on $30 in W. Canada and at least $35 across the country or rural.

Will consider a trade +/- cash for a Krieger, Bartlein, KS Arms, or Obermeyer (!!) medium to heavy SPORTER weight (3.5-4lbs - approx #4-5 contour) barrel blank of 26 inch finish in 7mm or 308 cal.

Thanks for your interest.
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