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World Team Meeting Minutes - France 2023
« on: November 10, 2023, 11:21:18 AM »
Team Canada Policy Meeting in France 2023

It has been the custom that the World Team meets during the World Championships every 2 years and conducts the business of the World Team. During this meeting, the minutes are taken and published.

Call to order: Monday Sept 25th 1PM at FFTIR Range in France.

Present: Rick Pollock, Hugh Williamson, Rob Seemann, Tyler Edmunds, Vic Edmunds, Doug Thompson, Bob Richards, Graeme Meyer, Tory Phinn, Mark Dumont, Allan Mantler, Dean Weger.

1)   Note that South Africa has withdrawn from hosting the 2025 WBC, and USA have agreed to host in 2025, in all likelihood it will be held in St. Louis in conjunction with the NBRSA Nationals around October, 2025.
2)   No nominations were received for a new delegate in 2025, by acclamation Rick Pollock will remain the WBC delegate for Canada.
3)   Team Canada will continue to keep a bank account open for the express purpose of managing the funds associated with the Team.
4)   Remaining funds in the account will be held for the Team to use towards the 2025 WBC.
5)   Team Canada qualifying procedure for 2025 as follows:
i)   Qualifying to take place in the 2024 Calendar year.
ii)   Top 6 grand aggregates are counted towards each shooters points total.
iii)   Points are earned by the number of competitors you beat in each grand aggregate. One point is earned for each competitor you place above.
iv)   The maximum number of points available in any single Grand Aggregate is capped at the number of points available in the LV Grand Aggregate at the Cactus Classic in the qualifying year.
v)   Any LV, HV, or SP Grand Aggregate anywhere, will count towards your qualifying points total.
vi)   Shooters interested in qualifying for 2025 must notify the delegate of their intention to qualify by the end of February 2024.
vii)   Qualifying order to be finalized and published by end of year 2024.
viii)   BRSC membership required.
6)   It is agreed the current Team Members will set policy for the Team at a policy meeting to take place at each World Championships.

No new business or old business was received.

Meeting adjourned at 1:45 PM.
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