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Centerfire Discussions / Rosebud Hunter Sight in Day August 31st
« on: August 19, 2019, 01:35:53 PM »
WHERE: Rosebud Silhouette and Benchrest Club at the APRA Homestead Range Centre
WHEN: August 31 from 10 A.M. TO 4 P.M
WHAT: Rifle sight in, paper targets at 50 and 100 yards for sight in and gongs available at 200,300,400,and 500 meters.
$5.00 cash fee charged to cover insurance and all shooters must provide PAL

Centerfire Discussions / Re: Selkirk, MB rebuilt firing line
« on: August 12, 2019, 06:54:58 AM »
Looks good Cal.

Note to everyone, the photos, and results at this site: will come down at the end of September. Feel free to download and save anything from the site you want to preserve. Thanks. Rick

Rogues Gallery:

Standing (L-R)
Dan O, Vic E, Hugh W, Art H, Don E, Greg M, Jim G
Kneeling (L-R)
Rick P, Joe M, Mark D

Thanks to Mark, Art, Jeff, Frank and anyone else I missed for hosting the BRSC Nationals. An excellent turnout, and a good time was had by all! A picture of Joe Mendham, winner of the 2-Gun and the National Champion, is attached.


Well folks it is hard to know where to begin when thanking everyone who made it possible to host the WBC. The visiting shooters were very complimentary about the range and the organization of the event. The feeling was we raised the bar for future WBC events and we should all take a bow for all that was accomplished.

We literally could not have done it without all our great volunteers and helpers over the last months and even years.

The support from the Rosebud Club and the APRA has been great, we could not have expanded the firing line, and re-contoured the range or expanded the clubhouse without their support.
The support from all our sponsors has also been fantastic, special mention to Korth and Plenty O Patches who stepped up as Gold and Silver level title sponsors.
Hard to count the volunteers who helped out, they made it possible, so my heartfelt thanks to: Tyler and Vic Edmunds, Tony Gauthier, Mark Dumont, Paul Ross, Daryl Skinner, Graeme Meyer, Hugh Williamson, Scott Stevens, Brent Nabozniak, Bob Richards, Lloyd Gilmour, Carolyn Pollock, Ashley Pollock, Larry Ottman, I know I am missing others, and my apologies in advance if I missed you on this list.
Lastly thanks to the target crew and scoring crew, we had nothing but positive comments from all who attended.

Now I am going to catch up on some sleep!

Anyone can come out and watch. No problem at all. Bring your hearing protection, a spotting scope and tripod if you happen to have one, and a camera if you want to record things. Match days are July 17th-21st. Matches will run about 9am-4pm. Official practice days are July 14, 15, 16, I expect most competitors will be there about the same times, say 9-4.  Best time to talk to the shooters is on the practice days. There will be a concession open around the lunch hour.

Here are directions to the range:

We have created a central location for pictures and results at WBC XV. Follow this link and click on the July 14 date to see photos of the loading tent going up today, and the general layout of the range.

Club Events / East/West St. Louis 2019
« on: June 24, 2019, 04:34:27 PM »
Just a note that Canadians have turned in some notable performances in St. Louis. Hugh Williamson won the 2 gun and Tyler Edmunds was 4th in the LV 100. Well done to both.

Here is the equipment list:

Here is the equipment list;

BRSC - Benchrest Shooters Canada / Rosebud Super Shoot June 8/9 2019
« on: June 13, 2019, 02:04:05 PM »

Here are the results. Sorry I am so late sending them out. Special thanks to all our out of towners this weekend. Looking forward to seeing everyone September 7/8 for the Alberta Provincials.


Please take note that the next Rimfire World Championships will be hosted by France at their new National Shooting Centre in Châteauroux from 14th to 19th of September 2020.

Canadians interested in attending this event should contact me at


First Rosebud shoot of 2019 is in the bag! Saturday hovered around 3C and rain most of the day, so was a challenge to everyone to stay warm. Luckily with the rails the shivering isn't as big a challenge as it would be with the bag guns! Sunday warmed up thankfully!

Thanks to all the helpers for sticking it out in the cold. 2 possible records set by Vic Edmunds to be sent to Record Committee. Notable visitors from the USA; Rodney Brown and Paul Holland joined us and we enjoyed having them at the range. They are formidable competitors! Results below:

Reminder to everyone our first sanctioned shoot this year is the Heavy Iron shoot on May 25/26. Basically it is the anything goes class (unlimited) on both days. We will shoot 5 shot groups at 100 yards on Saturday morning and 10 shot groups at 100 yards on Saturday afternoon. On Sunday we will shoot 10 shot groups in the morning and 5 shoot groups in the afternoon, all at 200 yards.

Those planning to camp at the range, or those needing access on the Friday practice day need to contact me for arrangements.

Let me know if you are planning to come so we can be sure to have the correct amount of volunteers.


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